INEXBrussels @ Roche-Bobois Brussels

INEXBrussels @ Roche-Bobois Brussels From June 3rd to June 18th, 2016

For its second contemporary art exhibition Roche Bobois gives voice to a new group of artists to express themselves within the Brusells showroom.

Many of them started working as street artists before working in studios.

It is exactly this strong connection with the urban world in which a link is found within their work, more precisely the transformation of our cities and environment.

In this way we have decided to confront the artists point of view and bring their lines and colors inspired by the outside world, to the inside of our home.

The abstract and deconstructed compositions stretch the architectural lines, distasting them to extract a new urban malleable form, just like Graphic Surgery who make abstract compositions with right angles and triangles, mixing the strict rules of constructivism and the “De Stijl” movement with modern industrial structures.

The desire of constantly building new forms also seems to be at the heart of the work of Alexey Luka, who after 6 years of architecture studies choose to sell his laptop to buy spray paint to create a colorful, dreamlike city inhabited by people. However very different from the density of the big city represented in the work of the Polish artist M City, where the unlimited landscape seems to evoke a poetic and worrying industrial revolution. Wandering those industrial ruins inspired his compatriot Pener to develop his own colorful language with jolting visual.

The omnipresence of the machine in our future environment has nourished the work of Mr Jago, where robotic and organic shapes confront themselves in an abstract stream of kaleidoscopic colors. While the work of Richard Caldicott uses the photographic machine to give life to everyday objects. He places them in abstract compositions where strong contrasts and depths remind us of the work of expressionist artists Mark Rothko and Barnett Newman.

At last, the Spanish artist Okuda San Miguel invites his spectator to discover his surrealist pictures, rainbow cities where grey people and colorful birds live in unlikely architectures. As the first piece of the exhibition, he creates a monumental, ephemeral art piece on the front façade entire of the building. It´s an invitation to discover the heart of the exhibition.




From June 3rd to June 18th, 2016

Chaussée de Waterloo 1605 1180 Uccle



Catalogs are time peaces of temporary art exhibition. INEX CATALOG, are created by an calligrapher artist William Roden and realized with care and passion by a parisien pressroom.

They present all the works exhibited, with a biography of each artist.

Price 30€ + delivery.

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